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15+ Amazing Comparisons Photos

This world never ceases to amaze, thanks to which we discover something new every day. And this time we are impressed by these amazing comparisons.

The same tree in different seasons.

Little puppy and little toy. And some time later.

This is how a dog can change through care and love.

Active youth cleans the Miti River (Mumbai) from garbage.

Grandfather and grandson at medical school. The difference between the photos is 70 years.

Little Hummingbird and Raspberry.

The largest animal on the planet is the blue whale. A man is swimming next to him.

Summer wool is noticeably smaller than winter.

Majestic sequoias compared to people.

Grandmother and granddaughter in one photo.

Two tanks were filled with water from the river and left for 24 hours. Inside the right were the mussels, in the left – no.

I wonder if there is a growth limit for this type of cactus?

The planet’s ability to recover is incredible.

Human hand and tiger paw.

Different degrees of exposure (1 and 120), stacked together.

Honey collected at different times of the year: spring, summer and autumn.

Mount St. Helens has changed a lot since the eruption in 1980.

A huge whale skull and a girl nearby.

That’s how much transport 69 people need using public transport, bicycles or personal vehicles.

Model of the largest ever flying animal on the planet (Quetzalcoatlus) and a man next to it.

Starfish with 6, 5 and 4 arms.

The weather can be very changeable even in a short time.

The picture of 1892 and a real place today.

The Hubble Telescope (right) gives the best image quality compared to the home telescope.

Before domestication, corn looked completely different.

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