15+ Of The Best And Useful Parenting Hacks Ever

#1 You can use this idea to teach multiplication tables

#2 Genius parent of twins

#3 What about this hack?

#4 You can use a mini pool instead of bathtub

#5 If You use a tent to make a sandpit you will be able to close it to keep the cats and dogs out

#6 This useful hack that could save lives

#7 Put shower caps on the wheels to prevent bringing the dirt inside

#8 Use potty chair in your car with a diapers. When your baby is done, wrap up the diaper and done. Easy and no mess

#9 This creative dad

#10 You can put masking tape on a carpet for your kid and he will be able to play with toy cars

#11 You can place your baby in front of the washing machine for a whole new world of entertainment and you get some free time

#12 Use this hack when you need to eat

#13 You can use bottle nipple as medicine dispenser

#14 You can use pool noodles as bumpers to save your walls and ankles

#15 You can clean non-electronic plastic toys in a dishwasher

#16 You can bring crayons to the doctor when your kids have a check up

#17 Suitcase and Sleeper 2 in1

#18 You can put disposable gloves over your child’s normal gloves to stop them getting wet and cold

#19 You can use a frozen sponge in a ziplock to keep kids lunches cold

#20 You can use a yogurt with food coloring to make a safe edible paint

#21 You can knit a door knob cover to avoid getting locked out or to keep children away of entering certain rooms

Source: www.boredpanda.com