15+ People Who Failed To Understand How Basic Things Work

This dad who misunderstood the “bath” part of a bath bomb.

This person who forgot about mirrors.

Who was responsible for filling up these salt and pepper shakers?

This soap dispenser it seems was filled up by the same person.

Someone forgot that MRI machines are basically giant magnets.

She might never have seen a chair before.

Please tell them how to use the joystick.

Isn’t there a better way?

This person who’s got his cables all tangled.

Oh.. no!

This shopper who took the whole stand.

Traveler confused by her new surroundings.

It seems someone forgot the main function of scissors.

Probably he didn’t know his baseball cap could serve another function.

This person who failed to recognise a baby scan.

So sad…

This person who didn’t understand how screenshotting works.

The designer of this product’s packaging who got confused by the word “thigh”.

This man who didn’t think that sandpaper on glass might not be a good idea.

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

Also to your attention 15+ Times Lazy People Came Up With Great Ideas.

#1 Pringles cans are probably the best thing for car engine.

#2 Use old boots to plug a hole in the road.

#3 This intensive shower.

#4 Q-tips fix everything… and glasses too.

#5 Flashlight instead of headlight.

#6 It works.

#7 Duct tape can hold anything, even the road…WOW!

#8 I hope this invention will work.

#9 Genius idea how to make a break light.

#10 The most “modern” and “coolest” car.

#11 Even your old belt can be useful.

#12 Very creative mailbox.

#13 Surprisingly!

#14 Tin foil instead of toilet tank cover.

#15 Good idea!

#16 The cheapest mirror for the car.

#17 Do you like this wall lamp?

#18 Speakers? Why not.

#19 Сookie instead of ruler.

#20 WOW! It’s absolutely crazy idea.

Source: emgn.com

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