15+ Times You’ll Be Surprised That These Things Are Not Eatable

#1 The inside of a golf ball, looks like a meat

#2 This purple glue like a grape push-pop

#3 These walls look like a cotton candy

#4 This aquarium gravel looks like a rainbow nerds

#5 Packing peanuts looks like a mint cheetos

#6 This deodorant like a delicious lime goop

#7 Cleaning solution like a soda

#8 Ceiling like a slightly tough kettle corn

#9 A long yellow hose looks like a long banana

#10 Bouncy balls like a nature’s gum-balls

#11 These fish things like a ice cold lemonade

#12 String instrument resin like a sweet honey

#13 Dishwasher tablets like a black cherry sweet tarts

#14 This 3500 year old amber bear amulet like a precious gummy bear

#15 Molten iron like a honey

#16 This oil like a chocolate syrup

#17 This drywall like a frosting

#18 This microwaved soap like a nutritious roll

#19 This silica beads like a chewing candies

#20 This reed like a nature’s corn dog

Also to your attention 20+ Times People Really Won The Food Lottery.

A mini orange inside an orange

Vending Machine made an error and distributed everything all at once

Watermelon Has Almost No Rind

The big food lottery


Multiple sweet strawberries fused into one

A green bell pepper growing inside a red one

Double yolk eggs

Kinder surprise was encased in a second skin of chocolate

This unusual skittles

This massive lemon grew up on the lemon tree

Very very big blueberries

5 Peanuts in a shell

Egg had another tiny egg inside of it


Vending machine lottery

Triple kiwis

8 grapes fused into 1

Double banana

Some guys asked me if I wanted extra bacon cause they were going to throw it out. Suddenly I got this

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