16 Touching Pics Proving That Dogs And Kids Are The Best Friends

Many of us wanted to have a true friend in childhood. And these children are very lucky, because they have a dog – a man’s best friend. Here is the evidence for you.

Sweet hugs. That’s what true friendship means

It seems that they have done something, but are silent about it.

So sweet sleep. Already wanted to take a little nap.

What could be better than just awesome sleep?

This young husky is definitely in good hands.

No matter who is doing what, the main thing is to be together.

First meeting or already real friends?

A fun selfie for memory.

Just look at his grateful eyes.

They definitely planned to do something.

Always together. Even in the bathroom.

Friendship is when you pretend to be sleeping, when your friend is really sleeping.

It looks like they have little secrets that are being discussed.

What did they see there in the window?

When prepared with a friend to go to the masquerade.

A friend is always ready to help, especially when you want to sleep.

Source: www.boredpanda.com