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20 Dangerous Dogs Behind ‘Beware Of Dog’ Signs

When we see the inscription ‘BEWARE OF THE DOG’ we expect to see an angry dog. But you will be surprised when you find out what might be hiding behind this scaring sign.

Looks like this cat is not so afraid.

Look into those lovely kind eyes.

“How sad that they consider me dangerous”.

“Just play with me and I will be happy and kind”.

This boy keep an eye out for you.

We are very scared…very much!

Are you sure this is a dog?

The same question for this one.

I think he fears us more than we fear him.

What a cute, and I want to stroke him.

Perhaps we will be afraid of this dog.

What an unusual dog…

Does it seem to me or is this dog asking for help himself?

These little dogs look like a soft toy.

Very funny inscription on the second plate.

He may grow and become really dangerous.

He doesn’t even know that he is considered dangerous.

How can you be afraid of such a small boy?

And here we really believe that we should be afraid.

When instead of a dog and a cat copes well.


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