20 Incredible Coincidences That Are Hard To Believe

Life is very unpredictable. And sometimes it can surprise us a lot. Like for example, in these cases, when the coincidences are so obvious that it seems that they are unreal.

Not only the same skirt, but also a black blouse.

Apparently, this is a fashion trend. Otherwise, how to explain the same color of all jackets.

This guy is very happy to find his double in the supermarket.

Matches happen, sometimes too obvious.

Found his double on a poster. Or maybe he is in both places.

Unexpected meeting in the toilet.

Maybe people in this park are allowed only in the same clothes?

Plaid shirts are always in fashion. Here is the result.

Here it’s most likely not a coincidence, but a mandatory uniform. But it looks still impressive.

Maybe the clothes are not completely the same, but everything else is like a copy.

You can find a coincidence in the most unexpected places.

Probably, this coat is very popular, since in the same store two people met in it.

He found his TV counterpart and now has fun as he can.

If the pattern on the T-shirt also coincided, it would be absolutely unbelievable.

Look carefully at the reflection in the glass. Another one unexpected coincidence.

Not only dresses are the same, but also the location of the tattoo on the leg.

Nothing unusual. just two identical guys buy products on the market.

Meanwhile, in the gym … Even here you can find a coincidence.

If they are brothers, then ok. But if not, then it’s just incredible.

This man is very surprised to see his twin in the bar.

Image source: www.reddit.com