20 People Who Said They Didn’t Want The Cats

Some people are sure that they do not like cats. But everything changes when a new fluffy family member appears in their lives.

This man said that he doesn’t want to hold a kitten.

This cat loves only this man. But love, unfortunately, is not mutual.

Dad say that he hates cats, but built a Bunkbeds for them.

This man claims that he also doesn’t love cats. I doubt…

This man never wanted cats.

He didn’t want a cat, but now he loves this fluffy little ball of happiness.

This man swears he hates cats. I don’t trust him.

How can you not love him

Do you believe that this man doesn’t love a cats?

This girl didn’t want a cat and still tells friends about it. Well, we’ll try to believe.

This man thought he was a dogman.

They are inseparable, although he said he doesn’t like cats.

He was sure that he wasn’t a cat person.

This cute cat was sheltered by a man who thought he loved only dogs.

He always tells that doesn’t love cats.

He never wanted a cat, but now he loves his pet even more than his girlfriend.

When the husband doesn’t love cats, and the wife, on the contrary, very much loves.

This not cat person likes to sleep with his cat.

This kitten loves this man, but it seems he does not reciprocate.

When you see people who claim they don’t like cats.

Source: www.boredpanda.com