20 Proofs That In The Animal World Can Also Be Drama

The life of pets is not as carefree as it seems at first glance. They also know what is love, jealousy, failure, disappointment etc. Some dramatic moments from the life of animals, we would like to share below.

All cats are the same. Or is it just a coincidence?

Reality may differ from what you want.

When they screamed at the cat, he just wanted a little attention.

This cat is a little upset about stealing his food.

No matter how difficult it is, the main thing is not to give up!

This cat will look like this until it receives attention.

Poverty and wealth. This difference is even in the animal world.

When you are an adult, but still live with your parents.

They don’t love each other, but suffer, just to be close to the owner.

This dog apparently did something not very good and now asks for permission to go home.

When the family has a new pet.

Dogs always climb into the tractor of the owner, despite the fact that there is not enough space. They want to be with him always.

The dog fell ill, the owners are forced to give him up for treatment in a veterinary clinic.

Kitty, who is very pleased with the arrival of his friend.

This dog looks so sad. And all because of the fact that he jumped into the shower.

The situation will change when the owner leaves for work.

Cats who are begging for food. So cute that it is impossible to refuse them.

This cat for the first time felt good and went out to enjoy the sun after a long treatment.

The old dog got sick, and two other dogs came to say goodbye to him.

Finally, Brutus and Pixies from popular comics exist.

Source: adme.ru