20+ Rare Celebrity Graduation Photos, You’ve Probably Never Seen

Below we present to your attention rare celebrity graduation photos you’ve probably never seen.

Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston

Angelina Jolie

Kim Kardashian

Vin Diesel

Blake Lively

Stacy Ferguson (Fergie)

Jessica Alba

Will Ferrell

Britney Spears

George Clooney

Snoop Dogg

Lady Gaga

Halle Berry

Miley Cyrus

Busta Rhymes

Ashton Kutcher

Matthew McConaughey

Bruno Mars

Courteney Cox

Natalie Portman


Taylor Swift

Renee Zellweger

Channing Tatum

Christina Aguilera

Reese Witherspoon

Amanda Seyfried

Sandra Bullock

Taylor Lautner



Meryl Streep

Meg Ryan

Tyra Banks

Source: imgur.com

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