20 Strong Photos That Show The Power Of Time

The years pass very quickly. It seemed that quite recently we went to school, then university, work, and now our children go to school or finish it. In these photos, we show how our lives change over the years. But at the same time, something remains the same.

Did this girl get smaller? Or did the dog grow up?

After 70 years in the same place.

Good girl Georgie 10 years later.

After a few years, the body turned into a T-shirt.

Nothing changed. After a few years.

A new fence is under construction. The same fence is 14 years later.

When children’s friendship turns into true love and family.

After 5 years … they are still best friends.

There are 20 years between these photos.

Newlyweds in the honeymoon and 40 years later.

The same LEGO toy. On the left side is new, and the second on the right is 35 years old.

This elderly man decided to recreate the photo 80 years later.

This guy decided to repeat the photo after 15 years. And for this he found the same photographer and the same requisite.

After 13 years, the love of playing the drums became stronger.

When grew up with a true friend.

The guy saw this tracksuit in a supermarket and decided to repeat a photo of 1993.

This cat took only a year to stop fit on his favorite toy.

This guy took a picture in the same place as his dad, but 24 years later.

When it was decided to recreate a favorite photo of a dog a year later.

The same place a few decades later. Love forever.

Source: www.adme.ru