20 The Best Responses To ‘Trashtag Challenge’

There are many good people in our world. Otherwise, how to explain the fact that many are happy to take part in ‘Trashtag Challenge’ to clear our planet of debris.

It’s a trashtag from Vietnam. Young people gather and free of charge clean the environment from garbage.

Trashtag from Nepal. He did it all alone.

Manila Bay was one of the dirtiest bays across the world, but 1,000 volunteers finally cleaned it up.

It’s a Mumbai beach before and after 500 volunteers helped with the cleanup of 5 million kg of trash.

This man also did it alone. Deserves respect!

Another charity work that made the world cleaner!

Good job! We should be proud of such people.

Just a few days and the coast is in perfect condition.

It took this man only an hour to clear the area of debris.

These volunteers came together and made our world a little better.

These hardworking students from Tetso College (India) accepted the Trashtag challenge.

This 70-year-old woman alone coped with a pile of garbage.

10 people cleared the coast of debris in one day.

Which photo do you like more?

This man cleared the area along the Potomac River south of Washington, DC.

Hard work of three men for the good of our planet.

How beautiful looks the area without debris.

Cleaning the beach in Florida. Even the children joined the challenge.

Amazing. And how much work has been done.

40 Norwegian students during the week collected 12400 kg of garbage on the local beach.

Source: www.boredpanda.com