20 Useful Lifehacks That’ll Make Our Life Easier

A good life hack should be simple, fast and cheap. And of course, it should be useful, like the ones below.

When you need to urgently charge the phone.

Drip a few drops of aromatic oil, and the toilet will keep a pleasant smell.

You can use the sleeve instead of the eyeglass case.

You can wash the potatoes in the dishwasher.

Turn on the seat heating to keep the food warm.

Use balloons on hangers to keep clothes from dropping.

Menthol shaving foam is an effective remedy for sunburn. Apply a large amount of foam to the skin.

Pizza should be heated in a saucepan, so it will be more delicious.

Micellar cleansing water cleans sneakers very well.

Use the textile fastener to fix the carpet.

In order not to buy a special contouring brush, you can use stealth.

Use vaseline to remove mascara from eyelashes.

Just comb the carpet with a fork to remove traces of furniture on the carpet.

You can carefully store gift wrappers with help of sleeves and other tubes.

Just heat the bananas in the oven and they will ripen.

Secure the charge with a spring so that it doesn’t break.

Save your keys this way if you don’t want to take your bag with you.

Put on lipstick on the lock and close the retaining strip with paper to see how the door matches the lock.

Apply a moisturizer or oil to the skin before applying the perfume. So the fragrance will last much longer.

Banana peel is able to relax the headache.

Source: www.adme.ru