22 Things From 2000s That Kids Today Will Never Know

Many of these things have already gone down in history, and it’s unlikely that people under the age of 15 will ever face with them or use them.

People in the 2000s, when after 9 pm there were unlimited minutes.

Using these wires to connect your TV to a video player or game console.

Looking through a tiny little hole to take a photo.

After the photos were taken, we had to wait a week to see which ones turned out well.

And most of them were like that.

Using the T9 was not so convenient.

You had to carry both your iPod and your phone, because you didn’t have a smartphone yet.

This is how the music collection looked.

The most sad picture that could be seen on the CD player.

‘Get off internet, I need to call’.

No electric drives. The window in the car could be rolled down only mechanically.

No navigators. The direction needed to be printed on a piece of paper in advance.

To view the schedule of films or TV shows, you had to check the newspaper.

Spending days waiting for Netflix disc.

Going to channel three just to watch a movie…

Before, Emoji was not as much as it is now.

Writing down phone numbers on a sheet of paper to add them to a new phone.

Telephone cable did not allow to go unnoticed into another room.

We had to type www before any url, or it wouldn’t work.

Waiting for downloading a file from the Internet.

When you tried to record a song for a ringtone, but someone at that moment started talking.

Many hours of waiting in front of the TV just to watch a movie.

Source: www.buzzfeed.com