25 Animals That Are Happy And Proud To Be Parents

Not only people have parental pride, care, and the warmest feelings for children.

Animals also experience no less emotion towards their offspring. After viewing these photos it becomes so warm and good at heart.

The girl-photographer jokingly prepared a memorable photo for the pregnant dog Lilika. It’s hard to find a happier mom.

Father and son are best friends.

In the arms of the mother is always good!

Mother’s little copy.

This bulldog dad has a good time with his son.

What else is needed for happiness?

Tired at the airport.

Order in a large family is the main thing!

There are 3 generations in this photo.

Family is when you are always welcome, even if you are not like everyone else.

Because kids need care.

Nice family in which no one likes to look at the camera.

This is true parental love.

Mother is happy and pleased.

Parents always protect us!

But sometimes they can have fun with us.

Mother’s love is endless and enough for everyone!

Even a toy deserves love!

Time to sleep.

It’s so cute!

Parents appear quite pleased with the new arrivals.

‘Yep, I made these.’

So happy with her new puppy.

They are so teeny and cute.

An orangutan at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo, holds her new baby.

Images source: www.adme.ru / www.mnn.com