25 Pics Showing How Canadians Are Dealing With A Blizzard

There was a lot of snow in Canada this winter. But it seems that Canadians know what to do with it and share their amazing photos.

Great reason to make a snowman!

Going outside will not be easy.

The snowfall scale.

This house seems to be straight from a fairy tale.

When a sense of humor remains even in such weather.

What a cool driveway in Newfoundland!

Could it be better to use public transport?

Should I go over or not?

A place for a romantic dinner…

It will not be easy, but you need to do it.

Unpleasant situation.

When you have your own vision.

Bit of snow…

Wow! Where is the house?

Could it be better to stay home?

Walk with the dog.

What a load of snow.

Beautiful snow corridor!

A great way to cool soda.

Traffic is a bit difficult.

Here’s how to remove the snow.

Great snow wall.

I wonder if the car engine will start?

It looks impressive!

The trenches to reach buried cars.

Source: www.boredpanda.com