25 Obvious Proofs That The Planet Is Fine

Remember how George Carlin talked about the fact that the planet is fine and people need to think about themselves. If someone has not heard, we recommend you to listen or watch the video. And below you will find photos that prove his words without a doubt.

A felled tree doesn’t give up and lives on!

A flower that grew among stones.

Nothing prevents these trees from growing.

Soon this ship will forever be consumed by the desert.

This mighty tree continues to grow no matter what!

The house, which will soon submit to the forest.

Nature does its job.

The power of nature is difficult to overestimate.

Once it was a ship.

New life of an old tree.

These plants do not need much.

Abandoned fishing village.

Beautiful flower, sprouted through the concrete.

It’s amazing how nature is inventive.

In this form, the ladder looks even better.

The power of nature.

This car has become part of nature.

How is this possible?

Even the absence of fertile land is not a problem.

Abandoned estate.

This tree is so strong that it split the stone.

The beginning of a new life.

Abandoned station.

The power of this tree can only be admired.

No matter what.

Image source: fishki.net