25 Rare Photos That Show The Unseen Side Of Things

These amazing photos below will show you the world in a way you probably have not seen yet.

A heart that has been сleaned of blood. That’s how it looks like.

Incredibly, the giant Heads on Easter Island have bodies that are hidden under the ground.

A Baby Flamingo. Now we know what it looks like.

The human nervous system. Complicated system, right?

Salt granules under an electron microscope. Beautiful cubes!

Large ice crystals. Looks like part of a building.

Aurora on different planets: Jupiter, Earth and Saturn. As always awesome!

Not only on the fur, but also on the skin of the tiger there are strips. That is how it will look like if you shave it.

The organs of the glass frog can be viewed in full detail through the transparent skin.

Agate shell. Minerals grew in the voids of the shell and eventually replaced it.

Globe for the blind looks like this.

Some may think this is a rat. But no, this is an albino raccoon.

The dark side of the Moon against the backdrop of the Earth. Photo taken from the depths of space.

Sometimes 5-pointed starfish grow square due to birth defects.

The rock of St. Patrick in Ireland perfectly shows how the Earth’s surface formed. Each layer is a few centuries.

Net Roof Of The Aviary covered by snow.

Microbes left in the palm of an 8-year-old boy who played outside and didn’t wash his hands after that.

Giant amethyst geode – a geological formation that grew through cracks in rocks, filled with amethyst crystals from the inside.

This is a set of recording equipment: a reporter’s back.

Processed image of the virus, obtained under an electron microscope.

Empty Boeing 787. It looks like inside a spaceship.

This is what an elephant’s tail looks like at close range.

Salt mine. An inside look.

The inside of a space suit.

This is what a solar eclipse looks like from space.

Source: www.boredpanda.com