30 Simple But Genius Ideas That Should Be Implemented Everywhere

Any problem can be solved. Here is a list of great ideas that exactly make people’s daily lives better. Although not all of them will interest you, but you can definitely appreciate their beauty and creativity.

This unusual park has swings for wheelchair users.

In the bathroom of the doctor there is such a way to help people who are now in a difficult life situation.

Gypsum printed on the 3-D printer. You can even take a shower with it.

These lines on the wall will make it easier to park the car.

A sign in the women’s restroom for those who feel unsafe on a date.

These viewfinders in parks and other places with beautiful views are specifically designed for color blind people.

Older people can tap their ID card to a special device at a pedestrian crossing and get extra time to calmly cross the street.

Touching sign in a veterinary clinic.

Drain works by pressing this foot pedal. The perfect solution for public toilets!

Convenient notebook with hex markup for organic chemistry classes.

The label for this dish soap lists the purpose of each ingredient.

“In our shop, over-ripe bananas are sold in bags with a banana muffin recipe printed on them”.

In-store option – make purchases by yourself or with the help of a consultant.

This blaster allows you to remove foam from cars at the car wash. An interesting activity, especially for kids.

Rubik’s cube adapted for the blind users.

An evacuation plan for a fire in this hotel is available even at the floor. To see it, if the smoke fills the corridors.

The urinals combined with a washstand. Two in one!

This card allows children to be somewhere without adults.

On the trolleys of this Swedish supermarket there is a store layout. Perfect!

In front of the supermarket there are special booths where you can leave your dog for a while.

The design of the floor in the place where you can’t run through the corridors. It’s partly inspired by “Alice in Wonderland”.

Lightbulbs signal whether a stall is occupied or vacant.

Parking for bicycles with built-in pump.

Vending machine in the school, which sells essential medicines and hygiene items.

From this pizza box you can make a smaller box and put leftovers there.

This car park has soft barriers between parking spaces. So people don’t scratch other cars.

Tuxedo printed inside the pizza box.

An interesting menu to help choose exactly the pizza that you want.

A special mirror in the classroom. So students can see the teacher’s counter as he prepares when he’s cooking.

This shoe store has an area for testing your new shoe.

Source: www.boredpanda.com