30 Funny Photos Of Dogs Begging For Food

Dogs are champions in begging for food! They are so cute and touching looking directly into the soul with hungry eyes that it is simply impossible to refuse them!

Dobby wants to eat, but Dobby is a good boy, so Dobby doesn’t bark!

Impressive sign

‘Every time I try to eat, this four appears’.

‘This cunning dog began to bark at the door. When I got up to look outside,  he ran back and ate my pizza. Of course, there was no one behind the door’.

‘I was playing with my dog and absolutely forgot that he never misses an opportunity to eat well’.

Sweet dreams.

Collective begging.

Food queue. Wait a minute, what’s this kid doing here?

They can’t resist when they see ice cream!

Look at my bowl, it’s empty.

‘This is what my dog looks like when he begs food while sitting under a glass table’.

This dog is blind, but he also likes to beg for food.

You will understand that your dog is old when he begins to fall asleep while begging for food.

‘When I told the dog not to look at me while I eat.’

And what are you eating there?

Under the glass table it looks a little scary. But look what a kind and lovely eyes!

Coming soon…

‘This is how my dog looks at me when I don’t share my food with him’.

When trying to enjoy a meal, but unwelcome guests arrived.

When you have more than one dog.

This eyes. How can you refuse him?

This puppy hints that he is hungry.

Tired of begging for food.

Funny pre-meal look.

When you try to eat beef jerky in a dog daycare.

That’s why you didn’t need to buy a glass table.

When you decided to eat on the plane.

He really wants to try spaghetti!

This dog came to remind that it’s time to have a lunch.

He’s not allowed to beg for food, but this doesn’t stop him to look at food.

Source: www.boredpanda.com