Cool or not? 35 unexpected car improvements

When you look at these car improvements, it’s not clear whether this is cool or not. But in any case, it’s very unusual.

These guys obviously love Hollywood movies, especially Batman.

… and Mad Max

Cool or just ruined classic cars?

Car or ice hedgehog?

When you dream about a Hummer, but haven’t earned enough money yet.

A sense of proportion should be in everything.

Who decided to do this?

Maximalist’s car.

If it works, then ok.

Still spending a lot of money on new tires?

They did everything they could.

Handmade car trunk.

Are they serious?

Car in harmony with nature.

To not forget the time.

Why does the car need such pipes?

Fur and car? Why not?

How does this car move at all?

Truck lover’s car.

Tuning may be different.

Such doors are always beautiful.

What a huge spoiler!

Cute little car.

They made from what they found.

Looks like a duck.

Impressive bumper.

Why do they need so many spoilers.

Luxury doors.

Toothed car.

What a nice mouse.

Another Batman lover.

Combination of car and motorcycle.

What a hairstyle at the car!

Unusual camper.

This car can do a lot.

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